We did it – we bought the old neuruppin main station!


We, that is the JWP MittenDrin e.V. in Neuruppin, a left-wing alternative house project in a small Brandenburg town. This project emerged in the summer of 1993 from the commitment of approx. 20 young people aged approx. 15-27 years old. They were looking for suitable and affordable living space and a place for an info cafe. After months of unsuccessful attempts to get this concern heard by various institutions, on Friday, 30 September, the Swiss government passed a resolution in favor of Switzerland. July 1993 occupied the house in August-Bebel-Strasse 66. The aim was to create the possibility of self-help and self-initiative. The goal, then as now, was to practice an alternative way of life and living together with people, regardless of skin color, gender or religion.

By our way of life we try to give space to an alternative to the consumer society and to realize the vision of a better world, in order to give short shrift to policy contents (u.a. environmental protection, animal welfare), forms of work, political styles (u.a. direct participation and self-governance, grassroots democracy) and lifestyles (self-responsibility, self-help) to communicate, introduce and live for yourself. Of course, these contents are always evolving and therefore cannot be considered fixed and rigid. After two moves, our association had arrived in the current building. But again our lease ends at the end of the year 2015.

With the purchase of the station we have a future perspective for "after" Created: Not only can we maintain our association and existing structures, but we can also accomplish and achieve more. We want to become a self-governing, socio-cultural and political center. It is important for us to give as many people as possible the opportunity to realize this project. It should be borne by the residents, but also by young people from the city, residents, asylum seekers, political groups and creative individuals. It should be a place of "help to help yourself" and the basis democracy will be. It is also intended to serve as a shelter from the impositions of this society. But until the realization of the project "sociocultural center MittenDrin im Bahnhof" it is still a long way for which we will need a lot of help, also from the city and its citizens: In order to keep the bank loan as low as possible, we are dependent on direct credits/loans and donations. At the same time, we must provide collateral in the form of guarantees. In addition, we need energetic hands and hard-working helpers for the renovation of the station. Donations in kind are of course also welcome. Our fundraising goal is 75.000€ to renovate the house and implement our ideas in it.

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