Credit cards without annual fee guide and current comparison with new customer bonuses

Credit card comparison - test report

On Dontox.We always test and compare credit cards from VISA, MasterCard and American Express as well as current prepaid credit card offers. In our list you can easily compare current credit card offers with each other.

Credit card fees vary widely from bank to bank. Choose the wrong provider or an inappropriate card, you may end up paying too much. Annual fees, for example, can be 0 euros or 50 euros or more.

The credit card should also fit one's needs. For those who travel abroad a lot, z.B. primarily a card that allows you to make free payments and withdrawals abroad. For drivers, a card with attractive fuel discounts may fit the bill.

3 types of cards

  • Free credit card without annual fee: The best offers are available here without annual fee and only with low fees for payment transactions and cash withdrawals at ATMs. Additional services such as z.B. good insurances though. Free credit cards, z.B. the Barclays VISA credit card is suitable mainly as basic equipment or as a supplement to a free account without credit card.
  • Prepaid credit card: Here, payment transactions are handled exclusively via credit and not via a loan. Fees are often higher compared to free credit cards. They are particularly suitable for young people or for people with a poor Schufa score. We offer a comparison of prepaid cards here.
  • Gold and Platinum cards: these are credit cards with additional benefits, z.B. Insurance coverage (especially when traveling), discount schemes, or access to airport lounges. You usually pay higher fees for this.

VISA or MasterCard?

When traveling in areas with poor ATM density, it is recommended to have both credit cards in your wallet. Cardholders have no direct contact with these two companies, as they issue their licenses to banks or savings banks that issue the credit cards.

In addition to VISA and Mastercard, there are also American Express and Diners Club cards. However, since these two providers are accepted in far fewer stores, we don't recommend their cards.

Credit cards comparison: VISA, MasterCard and American Express

In our comparison calculator, we offer you an overview of a variety of different attractive credit cards from different providers.

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