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Syntrus Achmea finances, develops and invests in real estate and mortgages on behalf of pension funds and other institutional investors. Syntrus Achmea focuses on sustainable investments with financial and social returns.

In the interview with Bruno Oudega and Hugo Ouwehand, two migration projects are highlighted that were carried out for Achmea in the "Mortgages" business area. The first project involves migration to Topicus' mortgage solution. The second project involves the transfer of a commercial mortgage portfolio to RNHB.

Bruno Oudega

Hugo Ouwehand

Hugo Ouwehand

First we would like to introduce ourselves briefly

Bruno Oudega: "As Director of Mortgages at Achmea, I am responsible for the mortgage activities within Achmea. These activities are bundled in Syntrus Achmea. Among them, we run four brands: Woonfonds, Centraal Beheer, Syntrus and Attens.

Our services are all-encompassing: on one side are the investors, mainly pension funds and other institutional investors, and on the other side are the consumers who are looking for an ideal housing solution. In between is the largest area. Our task is to cover this area in the best possible way."

Hugo Ouwehand: "I have spent my entire professional career to date at Achmea. I started my career at Staalbankiers in the real estate financing business. I am currently responsible within Syntrus Achmea for the process from mortgage application to final repayment."

We are talking about two projects here. First of all the migration to Topicus. What were the motivations on a business level?

Hugo: "Our own tailored system was being phased out and needed to be replaced. We expected the new system to provide better maintainability, more efficient process management and optimal support for our online services. After making an extensive selection on the market, our decision fell on Topicus' mortgage system."

Were the goals achieved?

Bruno: "We now have a modern platform with which we can develop further. The goals of improved maintainability and reduced vulnerability were achieved. In the field of efficiency we have not yet been able to achieve everything we had in mind. This is also logical, because we have only been live for a short time and the system is still completely under development. This also applies to the support of our online services, which are also still under development."

What was the reason for the other project, the portfolio that went to RNHB?

Hugo: "After the credit crisis in 2007 and 2008, you could see that investors' risk awareness was changing. As a result, residential mortgages were priced more favorably than commercial real estate loans. As a result, we have shifted our focus to residential mortgages."

Bruno: "Due to our focus on residential mortgages, we sold the commercial mortgage fund to RNHB together with and on behalf of our shareholders. RNHB would like to take over the portfolio as quickly as possible and manage it itself, which gave the following data migration project a clear objective: To transfer the portfolio to RNHB as quickly as possible, and in the best way possible."

Mortgage portfolio transfers are happening more frequently after all. What distinguishes this situation from the others?

Bruno: "In this situation, not only the economic ownership was transferred, but also the entire servicing was transferred to the receiving party."

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