Huge cost increases

At its most recent meeting, the Interior Deputation dealt with a whole range of issues. In particular, the report on the huge cost increases in the construction of the West Police Station caused dismay among deputies.

The rent increases are a heavy mortgage for the future, said Thomas vom Bruch (CDU), speaker of the deputation.

Right at the beginning of the session, we covered a whole host of other reports, such as the radicalization of young people.

Deputy Birgit Bergmann (FDP) asked how well offers to strengthen media literacy were in demand or whether it was just a "paper tiger". She also suggested that, in addition to experts, young people could also be used as mediators in the prevention process. This is completely impossible and overtaxes young people, explained Daniel Heinke, head of the Public Security Department.

At the same time, he stated that the media offerings were well received. This is a good thing, she says, as many platforms are used for propaganda. For example, there are first-shooter games that contain Islamist propaganda. "The groups always use the hottest channels like Tiktok," knows Heinke. In addition, there have also been indoctrination institutions disguised as educational institutions.

When reporting on the possible displacement of the drug scene to Bremen-North, Bergmann told of many complaints about dirt, drug-related crime and break-ins at pharmacies.

That's what the report mentions, says Heinke. However, the security authorities have no evidence that the scene has moved from the central station to Bremen-North. Rather, a separate narcotics scene is developing there. That's why they've already increased police presence, Heinke said.

Construction costs increased

Drastic words found of the break with the topic cost increases with the police commissariat west. It is an exorbitant increase in costs: "What is happening here is something close to a catastrophe."

While the construction costs were estimated at 15 million euros at the beginning, this has now turned into more than 23 million euros. This is reflected in the rent for the new commissary. While the calculated rent was initially 26 euros per square meter, it has now almost doubled to 46 euros.

For the Interior Department, this means an additional annual rental cost of 700.000 euros. "You should really think about whether there are alternatives," warned vom Bruch.

Interior Senator Ulrich Maurer (SPD), on the other hand, does not see it: "There is no alternative. We can't find anyone else to do it at other prices. In all departments there are the same problems. That's why finance should initiate a process to organize funding," Maurer explained.

At least the deputies followed suit and approved the bill with a coalition majority.
Deputies even unanimously approved plans for the police to rent 680 square meters of office space at 6-8 Dotlinger Strasse. Traffic control is to move in there so that the CID can use the space then freed up at police headquarters.

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