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Yes! You may become a Dubai a real estate as a foreigner. Acquisition is possible in all freehold areas. Freehold areas include Dubai's most well-known and popular neighborhoods. Freehold means that the acquirer acquires all rights to the dwelling and the land portion. The rights to land and housing are therefore comparable to those in Germany.

What do I need to look out for when I want to buy a property in Dubai?

Our clients benefit here from our many years of expertise as a real estate company in Germany. We set the same standards for a real estate transaction here as we do in Germany. In this respect, the relevant criteria for buying real estate in Dubai are no different from buying in Europe in Germany.

  1. Real estate consultant you can trust
  2. Location, location, location
  3. Building quality/ reference of the developer
  4. Floor plans
  5. Purchase price

There are so many construction projects in different areas of Dubai – in which location should I invest?

We will be happy to advise you in detail and show you the respective construction projects in Dubai. In order to advise you on the property of your choice, we would like to get to know you and your objectives better, so that we can offer you the property that suits you best. To determine the right location for you always depends on the objective of the property purchase.

If you want to purchase a property for your own use, personal preferences for the respective locations in Dubai are decisive. We know all existing and future projects in your favorite locations and will be happy to advise you on them.

If you want to buy a property as an investment there are two options – an investment in development locations or an investment in a 1A location.

In the real estate advertisements from Dubai we usually describe the property as 1BR, 2BR etc. described. What is meant by this?

BR stands for Bedroom. It is thus described how many bedrooms a property has. There is always one bathroom per bedroom. Then a living room, kitchen and a guest toilet are added. If there are additional rooms, this is always in the real estate advertisement. In Dubai there is often the addition of "Maids-Room". This means that the property has another usually very small bedroom with a small bathroom for a housekeeper/nanny etc. has.

When I have chosen a property, how does the actual purchase of the property work??

Once our clients have decided on their desired property, we will of course accompany them throughout the entire purchase process.

The real estate transaction is handled by the DLD – Dubai Land Department. Here the contracts are drawn up and when ownership is transferred the name of the new owner is entered and registered. You will then receive a certificate of ownership – of the title Deed. You then derive all ownership rights from this title deed. The transfer of ownership itself takes place at a so-called. Registration trustee – which corresponds to the notary's office in Germany.

How does the real estate acquisition process work if I want to buy a property that is not yet completed? (sog. Off-plan property)

If you have decided on your desired property from a well-known developer in the city, we will first reserve it for you. The steps are then as follows:

  1. Purchase decision
  2. Reservation of the property
  3. Confirmation of reservation
  4. First purchase price installment (usually 10%-30% percent) and notarial confirmation by DLD (Dubai Land Department)
  5. Conclusion of the contract of sale
  6. Payment according to payment plan
  7. Handover of the property

We will be happy to advise you personally on the respective payment options of the developers and properties. Often there are smart financing options (payment plan) with the developer itself. Accordingly, the payment of the purchase price is staggered until the handing over of the property.

How long does it take to buy a property in Dubai??

The simple real estate purchase takes between 3 days and 3 weeks.

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