Credit without proof of income

In the case of a loan without proof of income and Schufa, the lender refrains from asking for information from the applicant or. Borrowers to confirm the existence of a regular income. This is usually done by submitting the most recent wage or salary slips. Income is accordingly only called regular if you come from an employee or employment relationship. Self-employed persons and freelancers do not have a regular income according to this definition.

Obtain credit without a fixed income

Loans without Schufa and proof of income, even without a fixed income are rare to find. Although there are a lot of offers on the Internet, they should be treated with caution, as they are often made by dubious providers. A missing fixed income can be compensated only by existing assets. A typical example of this is the land charge on a property. Movable valuables can be used as collateral with the help of a pawn credit. Reputable providers will always require some form of security for the granting of a loan. As a customer you should always refrain from other offers!

Credit without proof of income

VEXCASH goes here however another way: Although a proof of income is needed. However, the income only has to be at least 500 euros for you to receive a loan from us. The reason: VEXCASH grants exclusively particularly interest-favorable short time credits over comparatively small amounts. This keeps the risk within manageable limits – much to the delight of our customers!

Are there advantages to a reputable loan without proof of income?

The apparent advantage of a reputable loan without proof of income is that no fixed income must be proven. This may appear to some as a rescue in the emergency, but it also involves considerable risks. Borrowers run the risk of overstretching themselves with the loan and getting into payment difficulties.

With VEXCASH customers do not need to worry about such things. We only grant loans for relatively small amounts, which keeps the risk within narrow limits – both for us and for you! VEXCASH does not require handling fees or commissions and gives credits also to persons with a rather moderate credit standing. In addition, credit requests from us are also not immediately forwarded to the Schufa. Your personal Schufa score therefore remains untouched!

In principle, it is not possible to obtain a loan with a guarantee. We can check the individual case under certain circumstances, but generally do not offer this possibility.

What is a guarantee good for?
If your own creditworthiness is not sufficient to take out a loan, a guarantor can also be called in, provided someone is willing to do so. The prerequisite for a guarantee is that the guarantor has a sufficiently high credit rating to be able to stand in for the debtor in the event of default. The guarantor undertakes to do this until the debtor is able to meet his obligations again or until the loan has been repaid in full. This only reduces the risk of default for the bank, but not for you and certainly not for the guarantor.

Instant loan with an income of 500 euros or more

You are interested in a loan from Vexcash? Then it takes only three simple steps to enjoy one of our short-term loans:

With our credit calculator you have determined all relevant data in a very short time. Simply enter the desired loan amount, then the term and you will find out exactly how much the loan will cost. Please keep in mind that we grant new customers a maximum of 1000 euros the first time. As soon as the first credit transaction with us has been successfully completed, we increase the amount for you!

Now begins the actual application. First, fill out the contact form and be especially careful to write your name as it appears on your identity card. Then comes the binding information, which must be filled out completely and truthfully. Subsequently, you still have the opportunity to choose our additional options. /su_box]

Now we only have to make sure that you have really applied for a loan with us. For this you have two reliable procedures at your disposal with Postident and Videoident. Please note that you will need a webcam for the Videoident procedure, as this is how we check your identity card or passport. This is also required for the Postident procedure, which can be carried out at the nearest post office.

Credit without credit rating

Where loans are advertised, there is often talk of offers that allegedly do not require a credit rating. But what to think of such a loan without credit rating? Very little, because creditworthiness describes the ability of a debtor to meet future payment obligations in accordance with the contract. So it can only talk about their quality and not whether it is available or not. A debtor can therefore have a good, average or poor credit rating, for example. The special feature of Vexcash is that we are a reputable provider even with average credit rating still give loans. Banks do this only in the rarest of cases.

What does a loan without income cost?

Instant loans from Vexcash are cheap. But do not all credit providers claim this? We prove it – with the following example: Let's assume that a student with a part-time job needs a new exhaust pipe for his car at the end of the month in order to get the car over the TuV (German MOT). The 500 euros, which he receives through his part-time job, is as good as used up and the costs amount to 300 euros. So he enters the amount in the short-term loan calculator of Vexcash and sets a term of 10 days, because then the salary is on the account at the latest. The repayment amount is determined automatically: 301,16 Euro. The credit costs thus straight once 1,16 euro and thus less than a cup coffee in the Mensa.

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