Hartz iv and a move: what to consider

Moving: What benefits recipients of ALG II, i.e. unemployment benefit II, receive in Germany is governed by SGB II, the Second Social Code. However, the receipt of benefits is accompanied by obligations and rights, which should be known to the persons concerned.

Of these, for example, is also affected a move. With this Hartz IV recipients must thus consider certain things. The following article explains what these are, for example, in the case of a Hartz4 move in Hanover.

The assumption of the moving costs

In principle, all costs, which are to be expected by the removal, are to be applied in the apron for a cost assumption with the job center. The relevant cost estimates must also be attached to this application. Before implementing plans to move, it is essential to wait until the written confirmation of the assumption of costs has been made.

The Jobcenter usually takes over the cost of moving boxes, packaging materials and the rent for the transporter including gasoline costs. In addition, a maximum lump sum of 30 euros is paid to feed the removal helpers. If there is a corresponding need, the job center also pays for new furniture and furnishings. If there is a justified individual case, it is also possible to get reimbursed by the job center for the costs of brokers, viewings and housing advertisements.

It should be noted, however, that the service provider generally does not pay for renovation costs in the course of a move.

The permissible reasons for a removal

Those, which refer ALG II and a removal plan, must be able to indicate important reasons for this according to the regulations of the SGB, so that a financial support takes place by the job center.

These include, for example, finding a new apartment that is significantly cheaper than the current one, starting a job in another region, or existing barriers or stairs in the current apartment being a major burden due to health or physical limitations.

A removal must be supported by the job center in addition accordingly, if in the dwelling a mold infestation is present and despite a reminder by the landlord no removal of this takes place. The same applies if the living situation proves to be unacceptable, for example because of excessive noise pollution, or if the landlord cancels the existing rental contract.

The reasons for the move must, however, be proven to the Job Center in the form of evidence. This is possible for instance in the form of medical certificates or work contracts. If a move is planned without such important reasons being present, financial support from the Jobcenter cannot be relied upon. Hartz VI recipients must then pay the moving costs themselves.

The hiring of a moving company

Those who receive Hartz VI usually only have the option of organizing the move on their own if the costs are to be covered by the job center. However, this regulation also contains certain exceptions.

Recipients of ALG II are entitled to commission a moving company, for example, if they have a mental or physical disability, are physically or mentally ill, or are of advanced age. If one of these conditions exists, it can be requested that the costs for the services of a moving company are also paid by the Jobcenter. However, a corresponding cost estimate must be obtained from at least three service providers in advance.

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