More expensive mortgages housing costs in switzerland rise by more than half

From 34,400 to 53,600 Swiss francs for a house: Costs of home ownership in Switzerland rise significantly

From 34,400 to 53,600 Swiss francs for a house: Costs of home ownership in Switzerland rise significantly

Homeownership has increased in price another notch in 2022. Rising mortgage rates have caused the cost of a home to shoot up massively.

31.One house, two localities: When the border divides the building One house, two localities – When the border divides the building The law in the canton of Bern prohibits new buildings on Daniel Schurter Charging cables also consume electricity when no device is connected.From 11 minutes ago Source: BILANZ The snakeskin-look boots are the first thing that catches the eye, the clack-clack of her heels the first thing that can be heard by Andrea Rytz.

01.2023 09:36 In rural areas of Switzerland, the single-family house is a popular form of housing.Curious examples.Source: Pixabay Higher interest rates for home financing and even more expensive home prices on the market have caused the annual cost of a mid-sized single-family home to rise from 34,400 to 53,600 francs.That’s not much for a single person, but it adds up for entire societies.This was calculated by the real estate analysis company Wuest Partner and published in the winter update of the Immo-Monitoring study presented on Tuesday.If you had been north in the planned sports and industrial park, you would have been on Lyssach soil.Wuest Partner calculates the 55 percent increase in annual costs for homeownership from amortization and interest on a fixed-rate mortgage.Apart from location, dimension and view, however, asceticism prevails.

Mortgage rates have contributed significantly to the higher cost of homeownership against a backdrop of rising prime rates.The floorball and badminton players would hardly have noticed the border crossing.One cable for all Starting in 2024, USB-C charging cables will be required by law in Europe, and by then at the latest, Apple’s extra sausage, or rather the original Lightning connector, will be a thing of the past.Prices for ten-year fixed-rate mortgages have doubled within a year.For five-year mortgages, interest costs have risen 2.5-fold.And yet it would have complicated some things.This has depressed demand, the study’s authors write.At the beginning of 2022, “Kassensturz” reported that some cell phone power plugs ran hot during tests and consumed too much electricity.This can be seen in the significant drop in the number of search subscriptions..

According to the survey by Wuest Partner, the number of advertised properties has increased significantly.The background to this is the desire of owners to sell properties as quickly as possible.Alternatively, you can charge it during the day.Price growth slows Higher supply made market more liquid.Prices nevertheless rose 5.5 percent for single-family homes and 5.2 percent for condominiums.Only in the fourth quarter the increase for the cost of housing slowed down.Then, for example, it can be determined that the power outlet remains switched off between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Prices for single-family homes even fell by 0.2 percent in the period from October to December.Wuest Partner therefore expects only slight price growth in 2023.According to the estimates, prices for single-family homes will still rise by 1.7 percent, while the increase for condominiums should still be 0.5 percent.Such radio-controlled sockets can be integrated into the WLAN at home and then one can conveniently determine via app which sockets are switched on and when.(cash) Sign up and join the discussion.Subscribe You might also be interested in this News.

One house, two villages – When the border divides the buildingA sports center is planned for the A1, half of which would be located in Kernenried and half in Lyssach. It would not be the first curious case of this kind.

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