5 Tips for spring cleaning your business model

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When the winter is over, and the sun's rays of the beginning spring reveal where everywhere still lies dust or something has accumulated in the corners, breaks out in this country something called spring cleaning: the entire apartment is turned upside down and everything is thoroughly swept, cleaned, washed, many things also sorted out. Best time to do a spring cleaning not only in the apartment, but also in your business model. For you, I put together five tips to get you started:

1 . Get to know your customers
It sounds obvious, but many companies don't know their customers. Of course, there is a database full of customer information that you use for all kinds of analysis. But that's not the point. When was the last time you had a real conversation with your customers? Give your clients time and attention to learn from them. Get out of the ivory tower! You learn more from this than from statistics or your database.

2. Decide
Many companies want to do everything for everyone. At the same time we know: Everybody's darling is everybody's Depp. Be clear about your goals, which customers you work for, how you want to reach them, and how you want to maintain a relationship with them. What will you do and what will you not do? Make sure everyone in the organization is comfortable with these strategic choices.

3. Use a common language
CEOs, executives and managers often assume that everyone in the organization understands the current business model. But there's often a lot of confusion about this. Create a common language with visual tools (such as the Business Model Canvas ) to keep everyone moving in the same direction.

4. Product or job to be done
When organizations innovate their business model, they often focus on new products or services that should be developed. Often these innovations have been executed in detail and costs have been incurred. But your new product or service is not the most important thing. The question is: what problem do you want to solve? An entrepreneur doesn't want a loan, he wants to build his business. A customer doesn't want a mortgage, they want a safe and happy place to live. If you understand the problem better, you will design your new business model in a minute.

5. Earn first, spend later
When developing new products, many organizations spend a lot of money at the beginning. Spending money on websites and product development is easy and gives a sense of satisfaction. Stop! In this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, don't put all your eggs in one basket. Build prototypes, test different solutions in the marketplace to find out what works. How to make money immediately instead of spending it.

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