“We offer a completely new kind of trading experience”

Charles-Henri Sabet. The industry pioneer wants to do it again with FlowBank, the youngest Swiss online bank

Flowbank, the youngest online bank in Switzerland, has started operations. Founder and industry pioneer Charles-Henri Sabet talks about the new trading platform Flowone in an interview and tells us what differentiates Flowbank from its competitors and what we can expect to see new in the coming months.

Flowbank launches Flowone with the aim of providing a new and uniquely simple banking and trading experience: via a multi-currency account, both private and professional investors have secure, convenient and low-cost access to all conceivable product and asset classes. In addition to stocks and bonds, you can invest in currencies, commodities, ETFs, futures, warrants and CFDs, among other things. Soon it will also be possible to trade investment funds and structured products. investrends.ch met the founder Charles-Henri Sabet for an interview.

Competition among online banks and brokers is fierce. How is Flowbank different from the competition??

Charles-Henri Sabet: We offer our clients a modern and avant-garde trading platform. With Flowone, a wide variety of currencies and asset classes can be traded through a single account at attractive costs. In contrast to our competitors, the user interface is designed extremely intuitively. We offer a completely new trading experience. Flowbank combines the best of both worlds – the look-and-feel we are used to from social media and the apps of the big tech companies combined with the high quality and security standards of a Finma-regulated Swiss bank.

Speaking of Switzerland – how far does the commitment to the location go??
Our DNA is Swiss. This goes so far that the entire customer service is affiliated here on site. This is not a matter of course in a high-price country like Switzerland. The quality in this country has an excellent reputation and we are convinced that this is exactly what our customers want – not only the Swiss, but also the international customers.

Which clientele does Flowbank want to address?
Mainly we want to address clients who want to invest about 10'000 francs in the financial markets. Thanks to innovations such as fractional shares, our offer is also very interesting for rookies. They will be able to invest small amounts in stocks that are otherwise only available to wealthy investors, such as Apple or Tesla. Professionals profit with us particularly from the large variety of financial products and asset classes, in which also with leverage can be invested.

What else does Flowbank offer customers?
Our total package includes in-house research, which provides traders with information on the latest trends, assistance and analysis. Knowledge is power – especially in the financial markets. We offer this added value to our clients as an integral part of our offering.

What to expect next from Flowbank?
We will continuously expand the range of new financial products, soon open a branch in Zurich and offer customers a credit card and a bank account solution that can be used for all daily money transactions in Switzerland and around the world. This will make it even easier for our customers to manage their money.

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