Spoon’s country house restaurant in unique setting

In particular, the unusual combination of an old agricultural mansion built in 1833 and the distinctive flair of what was once the only puppet theater in the Rhineland-Palatinate make up the ambience of Loffel's country home.

Around 1830, Baron Ferdinand Josef von Papen built a representative town house in Oberthorstrasse under the influence of classicism. The home chronicler Buchel wrote about the move of the von Papen family to Munstermaifeld in his 11. Book on page 95 following lines:

"Also, our patch has this 1833th year received an influx of nobility as residents in the name of Baron Freiherr von Papen, who has married off to the Kaaner Ackermann Jakob Weckbecker his daughter Gertrude Weckbecker."

In 1865, Carl Ferdinand von Papen inherited the house. This was documented in the mother roll of the city of Munstermaifeld with the following text:
"Flur 10 no. 703/159 of land in the city at the Oberthor: dwelling house with laundry along with yard space of seven ruts eighty feet, separating the community with Johann hedges, and there garden of fifty-four ruts separating the same."

This homeowner, unfortunately, was not fortunate and reportedly had to relinquish the house on Oberthorstrasse to his wife, Pauline, who was determined to separate, in 1875 after a luckless night of gambling. In 1877, slate mine owner Valentin Sonntag from Munstermaifeld bought the property from Pauline Reinhard for 11,970 marks. The latter, under the pressure of a world economic crisis, had to encumber the house after only one year with a second mortgage, issued in favor of the broker Abraham Schmitz. Abraham Schmitz thus acquired the rights to the entire property. Still in the same year this died and thus became its widow transitionally, to the houseowner. In 1878, the married couple Elisabeth Linden and Anton Marx from Munstermaifeld acquired the "Papen'sche Haus" This is recorded in the Munstermaifeld land register on the 13th of December 1897.2.1891 attested with the following text:

". that we have the property, parcel 10, no. 703/159, during our marriage have bought from the widow Abraham Schmitz in 1878"

In the Papen'schen residential house a tavern was established in the ground floor. Anton Marx, a farmer, had gained practical experience in his father's inn and was described in a letter from the mayor of the time as a "thoroughly sober personality". As the last tavern at the exit of the town, the inn could count on frequent visits from farmers from the surrounding villages. The "parking possibilities" at that time are documented still today by the halter rings at the house. Here the field horses were tied up.

When the wife Elisabeth Linden died in 1897, her son Peter Heidger (from her first marriage) tried to transfer the business concession of his stepfather shortly after. A letter from the mayor Kloppel to the Mayener Landrat in 1902 suggests that Peter Heidger was not well-disposed towards him.

"In Munstermaifeld there are 15 inns, 4 small liquor stores and 6 bottled beer stores. In the Oberthorstrabe there are only 7 other inns besides the inn of Anton Marx and there is no need to continue this inn.


Even if there are no facts against Mr. Heidger that justify the assumption that he will abuse the business to promote gluttony, illegal gambling, receiving stolen goods or immorality, I cannot support his request for the transfer of the inn.

Peter Heidger is declared the owner in an inheritance contract with his stepfather Anton Marx. These entries in the land register show that Peter Heidger did receive permission to operate the tavern; he is referred to here as "Ackerer und Wirth" (farmer and innkeeper). After the death of Peter Heidger in 1923, his son, Peter Heidger jun., to the rightful owner. Many citizens of Munstermaifel still remember him well, he died at the age of 80 years on 10. October 1980. In 1985, Waltraud and Heinz Hansen acquired the property from the heirs of Peter Heidger. With the craftsmanship of Heinz Hansen, the residential house is gradually renovated and furnished in a contemporary manner. The former barn becomes a lovingly furnished puppet theater, which opens in 1993. The old quarry stone cellar is also "rediscovered" and converted into a sales room for theater accessories and lovely children's toys. The "Marionettentheater Hansen" was the only permanent puppet theater in the whole of Rhineland-Palatinate and became nationally known through numerous reports on Southwest Television. Heinz Hansen carved more than 250 wooden figures out of lime wood and his wife Waltraud sewed the respective clothes. In 2005 the Hansen family sells the property for reasons of age.

In the summer of 2009, a new era began for the now nearly 180-year-old property with the opening of Loffel's Country House.

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