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If you want to open a securities account, you need to consider a few things. But even after opening, there are a few things to keep in mind if you don't want to make losses. One point that should not be underestimated is the monitoring of the securities portfolio.

Monitoring the securities portfolio is also called portfolio tracking. But why do more and more investors want to monitor their own securities portfolio? Why is the overall performance of the portfolio so important??

Learn how free portfolio performance monitoring works with Rentablo here.

Why monitoring portfolio performance with Rentablo is so important?

With Rentablo you can follow the development of your investment. Monitoring allows one to compare individual investments and create an overview for oneself. At the end of a monitoring period with Rentablo, you can assess whether a particular strategy has paid off.

Monitoring portfolio performance is particularly interesting for investors who regularly buy and sell shares. Rentablo can also be very interesting if one uses several depots. Finally, the number under the deposit does not really represent the return on investment.

Even dividends are not included in this figure. This leaves you ignorant and unable to accurately say whether or not the investment has paid off. But above all, this information can be very important if you want to trade stocks successfully.

If only low returns have ever been generated, Rentablo will alert you to this fact. Of course, tracking also shows actions that were successful. Now, before one starts monitoring portfolio performance with Rentablo, one needs one or more securities accounts.

A securities account can be used to buy stocks, ETFs and many other financial products.

Useful information about Berlin Rentablo Ltd

Rentablo is a portfolio performance monitoring software developed by Berlin-based Rentablo GmbH. Rentablo provides investors with a free, powerful online financial manager. The various tools help to make evaluations and analyses.

Those who use Rentablo can monitor their investment goals at any time and make adjustments if necessary. Rentablo is completed by integrated social features. In addition, peer group comparisons and exchanges with other investors provide that little bit extra.

The company offers all investors an attractive rate for the purchase of investment funds. In addition, the following services are included: Free software for portfolio management, free financial manager with asset overview, free budget book and countless cashback models. In addition, one can be individually advised, whereby this is done only against a small fee.

General data on the Rentablo software

Rentablo offers multiple functions. Those who choose this software can use portfolio tracking, a budget book and the cashback system. Keeping track of income and expenses at all times is what many people want to do.

With Rentablo's budget book this is easily possible. No matter which bank you are with, all accounts can be connected to Rentablo. But with Rentablo you not only have a good overview of your finances, with the software you can also easily save money.

Exactly how much you can save depends on the products, however. However, you can also calculate in advance whether the tool is worthwhile for you. The tracking tool is particularly popular with investors.

In addition to the tracking tool, there is also a tool that analyzes the portfolio and a tool that measures performance. The third tool can be used to manage the securities account. Keeping track of your finances anytime, anywhere with the management tool.

Whether as an app or a web application: Rentablo gives you all the important data. If you not only want to keep track of your finances, you can of course also enter your insurance policies into the tool. In addition to the free version there is also a paid version.

In the paid version, one can, for example, manage bank details. In addition, you benefit from stock fundamentals and personalized support.

Create automatic solutions with Rentablo

Many other solutions for monitoring portfolio performance run perfectly, but you always have to take care of the settings yourself. Better is an automatic solution. Rentablo offers such an automatic solution.

With Rentablo you can easily and quickly get the current situation about your portfolio. So one has the possibility to control one's asset accumulation, to reduce costs and to optimize returns. With Rentablo, all processes can be automated so that one no longer has to enter everything manually.

For those who do not always want to do the small tasks themselves, this is the perfect option. Through the quite well thought-out software Rentablo one can get away from the standardized excel sheet. In addition, one needs to have a good overview of one's total assets as well as overall performance.

The free version is perfectly sufficient to keep a good eye on one's own performance. In addition, Rentablo offers a good community in which one can exchange information and clarify questions.

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