Living and renting in austria

Austria is one of the best places for expats to experience on a trip abroad. If chance allows, living in Austria can be full of great adventures and interaction with many incredible people (both locals and expats). Austria can be described as the epitome of an idyllic destination that is very attractive to everyone. The country is characterized by its breathtaking mountain peaks. This country has cities that are not only beautiful, but also elegant and historic.

Finding the right apartment in this German-speaking country can be quite a hurdle to overcome. But with the right advice, you can actually find the right house and apartment in Austria. What makes it so special are the progressive housing programs. They are affordable and have good taste.

In Austria, thanks to the Austrian government, everyone is free to afford affordable housing. It spends a lot of money to pump into the housing sector. No wonder Vienna claims to have exceptional social housing systems.

Understanding the rental procedure in Austria

Whenever you rent, the most important thing is to find the ideal house to call home. The Austrian rental system helps find a place you can call home. Renting is done either by subletting or by working with real estate agents.

Real estate agents

Most rental properties in Austria are usually offered by real estate agents. They have expertise in any type of real estate in a given area. If you allow them to help you find the right house, there are some fees involved. If you let an expert guide you in your apartment search, you will quickly find the right place to live.

Subletting a house in Austria

Subletting in Austria is associated with long-term leases. Three years is the minimum length of time you can rent a property for. The special thing about this agreement is that the landlord can not increase the rent within these three years. However, you can also get out of the property after at least one year. However, you must give three months' notice of termination.

Laws and regulations for housing and renting in Austria

To say that Austria is a beautiful country would be an understatement. Austria is one of the most exotic countries in the world. There are many tempting destinations here. It's one of the reasons why many people who visit the country never want to leave it again.

When looking for a rental property in Austria, however, you need to familiarize yourself with the country's housing laws and regulations. You will be surprised to find that Austria has one of the most complex housing systems you will ever find.

As a foreigner, you must have legal residency and have lived in the country for at least five years. This means that you are entitled to a subsidized apartment. In addition, most of the funding for buildings in Austria comes from the public, not the government.

Interestingly, Austrian property law usually protects the tenant. Rent control does not go beyond the market level. Rental laws in Austria protect not only locals, but expats too. With an Austrian visa and proof of employment, it should be easy to rent in Austria.

Housing is a fundamental right in Austria. This concept made social housing possible in the first place. As a result, low-income households are included. Those who live in social housing do not pay the same amounts. It differs significantly. The best part is providing essential amenities like a gym, swimming pools and children's play area.

Is it better to rent or own in Austria?

The idea of renting or owning in Austria is not new. Many have been considering the idea for a long time and are still undecided. However, the question is whether you want to continue paying rent or prefer to own your own home. We should probably look at these two scenarios and see which one will prevail.


Most of Austria's inhabitants rent their apartments. The weight of households that rent outweighs those that bought a home. The reason people choose to rent is that it seems to be a convenient option. Others don't want to have apartments, especially ones that are constantly on the move. Since flexibility is the language they understand, they opt for a one-year rental contract.

It's funny that renters feel that renting is pocket-friendly. Since maintenance and repairs are not part of the contract, many opt to rent. What they don't know is that the landlords aren't getting any money out of their pockets for maintenance. Rent is the money used for maintenance and repairs.

If you live for rent, you will be paying rent for the rest of your life. This means that you will not have the house as your home. This is a major challenge. It is better to bear the cost of a home you will call your own in the long run. You'll also be paying for common utilities like electricity, which can be a little pricey.

Home ownership

There is something exciting about having a home. You need to know that the mortgage plan you choose makes you a homeowner. Home ownership rate in Austria has been on the rise since 2018. People prefer to take care of their own households rather than wait for selfish landlords to keep raising rents.

A home is a long-term financial investment. This is a unique commitment! To own a home, you have to have a mortgage plan. This plan requires some down payment to u. a. to cover maintenance costs. Expats also have the option to buy a home in Austria. If you want to buy a property in Austria, you should work with professional real estate agents.

The bottom line is that all two options are viable. It all depends on what you want in the long run. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Finances also play an important role in such a decision.

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