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Elementary insurance against damage caused by storms and floods

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Without the right insurance, the dream of owning your own home can become a financial nightmare. Insurance cannot eliminate the risks, but it can at least cover the financial consequences. The value of most homes is in the six-figure range. In comparison, insurance costs are low. Here you should not save at the wrong end.

Once you have moved into the house, homeowners insurance is necessary. It comes into force in the event of damage to the house caused by fire, mains water, burst pipes, and storm and hail. The residential building insurance can still be extended by a protection against elementary damages. This includes flood and backwater caused by floods, subsidence, landslides, avalanches, volcanic eruption and earthquakes. How useful this extension is depends primarily on the geographic location of the property. In some areas, such natural phenomena are more likely than elsewhere.

Homeowner's insurance is also recommended. This provides coverage for a household's inventory, which includes furnishings, utensils and consumables. It comes into effect in the event of damage caused by fire, mains water, storm, hail, burglary, robbery and vandalism. Here, too, it may be advisable to include insurance against damage caused by natural forces.

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In homes where oil heating is present, water damage liability insurance covers damage to the natural environment. This is important if leaking oil tanks contaminate the groundwater with heating oil.

In addition, term life insurance can be useful during the financing phase. In the event of death, an agreed sum is paid out to the surviving dependant, which can be used to pay off the loan for the property. Term and amount are flexible.

If a homeowner wants to rent out living space, they need homeowners and landowners liability insurance. It covers liability claims arising from ownership of the home – such as when passersby are harmed by falling bricks, poor lighting or un-gritted sidewalks. In the case of owner-occupied single-family or two-family homes, on the other hand, personal liability insurance takes over.

A tip: If you bundle your insurance with one company and pay your premiums annually rather than monthly, you can save a few percent.

Wall design with panels

Sophisticated design options for every room

No question: inspired living doesn't stop at floor design and furniture selection. It is always thinking about the design of the ceiling and wall. That's because there are so many ways to add that personalized touch to rooms – with high-quality panels, for example. They have made the leap into the modern age and can be used to great effect. The motto here: "Disguise was yesterday". Today, panels on walls and ceilings are a real eye-catcher and a trendy design element.

But they also have technical advantages: with the right insulation, they keep the heat in the room and can be optimally combined with suitable lighting. Technology and cables become invisible in the twinkling of an eye.

If desired panels bring in addition, order into the everyday life, because an extensive assortment from shelves, hooks and strips offers place for Kleinigkeiten and decorative items. With lights to clamp into current-carrying rails is also provided for coherent lighting. And they're also perfect for roof conversions: they allow for stylish design without sanding, painting or wallpapering. They also prevent so-called "settlement cracks" caused by movement of the roof trusses. So the wall and ceiling also remain beautiful for a long time. (spp-o)

Pleated blinds instead of venetian blinds

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Pleated or folding blinds, as the practical systems for the window are also called, are increasingly replacing classic blinds and roller blinds. Curtains and drapes often cannot compete with the advantages of practical and attractive pleated blinds. Unlike curtains, pleated blinds can be fitted precisely and make the room look more airy and open. Pleated blinds are also unbeatable when it comes to privacy protection, as some variants can be slid from bottom to top and from top to bottom as well as "folded" as desired. This way, the privacy or sun protection can always be optimally positioned individually. Pleated blinds also offer many advantages in terms of installation and operation. The technology of practical window decoration is constantly evolving. For example, there are systems with a rail guide, which makes the operation of the popular window decoration particularly simple. It also provides excellent air circulation and is tight against the window even in the tilt position. Above all, the system is very easy to install without drilling and screwing. An adhesive strip ensures a firm fit on the window. (spp-o)

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